Help At Last

Today I was reading my sisters newspaper and I found out about Four Paws, it’s an animal rescue organisation, it helps animals in the worst of situations.

For 3 months The Montazah Al-Morour Zoo in Iraq was on the front line caught in-between IS and the Iraqi army fighting.  Four Paws was the first animal welfare team that the Iraqi army let into the city of Mosul after the conflict ended.  All but two of the animals died, a lion called Simba and a bear called Lulu where the sole survivors.  They were able to provide food and veterinary care for them.


Image result for 4 paws rescue in iraq

Image result for 4 paws rescue in iraq

Doesn’t this animal look distrest and sad and just longing to be in the wild it looks so lonely.


wonderful spread


For my brothers 11th birthday I made him some chocolate spread, it was so nice.

Here is the recipe so you can make this wonderful spread and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  This makes a 200 gram jar.

200g hazelnuts

6 tsp golden caster sugar

3 tsp cocoa powder

4 tsp groundnut oil ( I used rapeseed oil )

1 tsp vanilla essence

A pinch of salt

 Put all the nuts on a baking tray and roast in the oven for 10 – 15 minutes on gas mark 4/180c, when they’re done make a tea towel bag and rub the nuts together vigorously whilst they’re still hot to get the skins off,  if this doesn’t work you can de-skin them by rubbing them together in your hands.

Blitz the nuts in a food processor until they’re like a gritty butter add the cocoa, sugar, 2 of the tsp  of oil, 1 tsp of vanilla essence and a pinch of salt to the mix, blitz this until perfectly smooth add the rest of the oil and then blitz some more.

My sailing lunch box to share with my brother and sister, the label says hazelnut and chocolate spread love Irys.

Tale Of Young And Old

It’s funny but it’s true, me and Poppa are friends.  He’s 96 and I am 9.  I live with Poppa in his house, me and my family care for him, we’re not related but I’ve known him most of my life.

Poppa’s very old-fashioned, every day he shaves and always wears a shirt and tie, he doesn’t even eat pasta!  He’s a bit deaf, a bit wobbly on his feet, very forgetful and he gets his words muddled.  Rather than getting angry in frustration he laughs which I think all people should do.

Poppa used to be a farmer and can do a very good pig noise.  He does it, then looks under the table looking for a pig, it makes everyone laugh, especially me.

Pop can’t remember my name even though I’ve told him a 1000 times, so he just calls me “Oi You”.

He beckons me over to read the newspaper with him, the same sentence over and over again until he gets the idea.  Then we move on, “drat, we’ve got loads more”, he shouts.  Thankfully mum comes to the rescue asking Poppa if he wants to go shopping, I offer to come and help. 

Sainsburys is only 20 minutes away and it’s a really beautiful route.  Pop asks where we’re going, after all I did say he was very forgetful.  He pushes the trolley, even though he can’t walk too far he takes off down the aisle super fast!  Mum gets the stuff we need while I take out and put back the stuff Pop’s putting in that we don’t need. Pop sees me and swings the trolley into me, mum tells him off.  Just proves never mess with older people they’ve always got their wits about them!

Me and Poppa like to watch Dads Army together.  I make tea, I know exactly how he likes it,  with a dash of milk and one and a half teaspoons of sugar.  We like Dads Army because it’s funny and it makes me happy when Pop laughs.

I sit next to Poppa at the dinner table. I often find unexpected bits on my plate then I realise this is Poppas unwanted food.  After we’ve eaten, Poppa hands me his false teeth, I giggle and hand them to dad to wash.

I don’t really feel the cold but Pop does so we keep the heating on full blast, it’s like living in the tropics.  It’s so hot I find it difficult to sleep, I lay awake tossing and turning, sometimes I’m awake when Poppa goes to bed at ten o’clock.    I can hear Dad saying “ssssssh,” as Pop opens our door and turns the light on, I lay still, wondering if they realised I was still awake.

We won’t be together for much longer because Pops going to live with his family, I’ll miss him lots.  Living with Poppa has been so much fun, all people should adopt an old person whether their related or not, it’s wonderful.

A Farming Proverb

 Today I was looking at a book on farming and read a proverb on the back.

Live as though you would die tomorrow

farm as though you would live forever.

In my view it means to make the most and get everything you can from today cause you may never have a tomorrow.  Farming is a commitment so if your going to do it do it properly is a family job whether you are farming animals or crops it brings life and it’s tough but when you have you family to support you it’s a lot easier. 

What do you think of these quotes please comment to tell me.

If your interested the books called FARMING FOREVER by Patrick Evans.

Is farming a way of life that is past, or a powerful inspiration for the future?

I’m A Mask Genius

It was a while back I said I was going to make a mask well I’ve made one on my own,  I found a way to do it.  My first plan was to do a paper mache mask but it just fell off, so I cling filmed my face and stuck paper over the top, surely this would work.

Once my face was fully covered but still wet I went to dry off in our tropical lounge and to watch Trumps inauguration.

It all got really messy, mum covered my hair in glue and it dried so I had to have a shower,  a very rare spectacle!!!  The mask slipped down my face into a big SLUDGY MESS.

After that I didn’t lose hope, I found a plan and tweaked it, I was ready to do it, prove my plan didn’t turn into a sludgy mess.

This mask is made of tin foil, buttons and card.

If you want to make your own its simple all you need is some buttons, big and small, a piece of white card, (you can also use any other colour if you want), some pva and tin foil.

Draw a half mask, fold it over and cut it out, this way you get it more symmetrical.   Next you scrunch up some tin foil then flatten it out and stick it to the card template with the pva.  Then stick the buttons to the mask.  If you want to decorate your mask with any thing else feel free. 

Shut down the domestic ivory market in the UK.

The Conservatives pledged to shut down the UK’s domestic ivory market in their manifesto for the past two elections.  20,000 – 30,000 African elephants are slaughtered every year for their tusks, yet the government has still not outlawed the trade.  From 2009 – 2014 40% of UK customs seizures were ivory items.

107,057 people signed the petition #jointheherd.   Thanks to you our British Government  are debating in parliament today.

All ELEPHANTS should live in peace, know their safe and live without threat or fear.  Why do these iconic animals have to be killed?