Contrasting Colours

Mum went out this morning and saw a perfect picture, the contrast of the rusted woodshed roof, the bright green trees and the clear blue sky. She came to the door with great enthusiasm saying come outside I have seen the greatest most beautiful photo ever, just waiting to be taken.

Blue skies, rusty roofs and green trees

Together Forever

For a competition I have to take a photo showing contrast.

To get some inspiration mum and I took it in turns to come up with some contrasts.  Contrasts can be between objects or colours, behaviours or words. These are some of the ones I came up with; young and old, big and small or black and white, the sky and the ground, healthy and unhealthy, light and dark.

Mine and Gracie’s hair are different colours so as an experiment mum tried to plait them together.  They were a bit too similar so the contrast didn’t really work.

A Hairy Disaster
Together forever

Grow up in nature and blossom like a flower.  By Irys Mae Chick

At the moment my family and I are up in Hertfordshire looking after our Nanny.  She has just had a knee replacement and can’t do much.

She has a little dog called Fudge who likes jumping up so it’s my job to keep her under control and look after her in general.

It feels strange living in such a big house because I’m not used to it and as dad’s not here I miss him but all is well and it’s nice to be with Nanny as we don’t see her much.

She has a really nice garden and all the flowers are in full bloom so I am enjoying photographing them.

There are also lots of snails which are good for photography to.

Here are the photos I took.

Slow and steady wins the race
Blossom like a flower
Flowery Fudge
Sunset on a petal



London All Lit Up

Last Thursday we were up in London for Gracie’s performance.  

We left the Albany at around quarter past nine and as we walked out the door a gush of cold air hit me, the rain had stopped but it was still damp.  When we got to the station we had to wait ten or so minutes for the train, while we waited we took a selfie by the Deptford Station sign to remember our day.

Selfie at Deptford

Out of the train window I saw the sights of London all lit up; Deptford, Canary Wharf, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard and Tower Bridge.  I reached for my camera as fast as I could, I couldn’t let this opportunity go.

I set my camera to Nightscape, the shutter speed is slow to let in more light and the train is moving which caused the light to streak across the picture.  I didn’t have time to frame the photo or set it up, it was just point and click, because the train was going really fast.

Canary Wharf
Deptford all lit up
Tower Bridge


Macro And Micro

Hazel Flower

I first heard about the hazel flower last Friday when I was on a foraging course.  We were walking along when Alice stopped and asked the group if anyone had seen a hazel flower before.  No one had.  She said that they were bright red and smaller than a millimeter in size.

She gave us a loop and we searched the tree, to see one was really magical.

Yesterday Alice asked me to photograph a hazel flower for her on my camera because it has a really good macro setting on it. You may have never seen a hazel flower before.  In the photo I am fully zoomed in and the camera is almost touching the flower.






Open doors,

Closed doors,

Red doors,

Blue doors,

Wooden doors,

All doors are painted doors.

Shop doors,

Church doors,

Purple doors,

Glass doors,

Double doors,

All doors lead to more doors.

Smart doors,

Tatty doors,

House doors,

Numbered doors,

Locked doors,

All doors keep secrets.


Doors with bells,

Doors with letterboxes,

Doors with windows,

Doors with arches,

Doors with knockers,

All doors open.



Get Out, Thingamajigs

I am still studying my photography book and today I was learning about getting rid of ugly intruders. An ugly intruder is an unnecessary thingamajig in the photo with your star subject.

Getting Rid Of Ugly Intruders

For my assignment I had to check one last time over everything in my frame and decide if there were any remaining ugly intruders that might ruin the whole picture, if so I had to eliminate them from my photo.

I took two photos of the same thing, one with and one without any ugly intruders.



Get out with your camera and try this out too.